Episode 263
**As recorded on Friday Sept. 19.** King of Trios 2014 and Night of Champions are Both this weekend!  So 2 bucks says Chikara will do better...  
Time Heist - Who Are You Cast (Doctor Who Podcast)
  The Doctor Tries To Brake Into The Universes Most Secure Bank and The Who Are You Cast talks About Everything Else Listen and Download The Audio Podcast On SoundCloud soundcloud.com/snnpodcast/time-heist-who-are-you-cast-doctor-who-podcast
Super Megaforce Episode 11
Love is in the the air... so when will Jake FINALLY kiss Gia?  
RVT Game Crew Mystical Ninja #18: THE FINALE
In the video we end our interesting journey in Mystical Ninja Starring Goemon. Artwork by Cavalierstylez http://cavalierstylez.deviantart.com/
Know the Score: Top Five Muppet Musical Numbers
It's hard narrowing down the best Muppet songs ever...but let's give it a shot anyway.
Know the Score: The Umbrellas of Cherbourg
 It's the fiftieth anniversary of the world's most unique musical...not that you'd know it if you live in the US.
Super Megaforce Episode 10
It's the Great Alien Robot Chase, Charlie Brown!!!  
Episode 262
NXT Takeover blows Raw out of the water, Shopzone puts Punk in the Bargan Bin, and we pay tribute to Sean O'Haire.  
Listen - Who Are You Cast (Doctor Who PodCast)
  Watch Your Coffee Every One Because There Is Something Under The Bed. This Week The Who Are You Cast Discuses Listen Doctor Who Episode 4 Listen & Download The Full Audio Only Version on SoundCloud https://soundcloud.com/snnpodcast/listen-who-are-you-cast-doctor-who-podcast
RVT Game Crew Mystical Ninja #17: Final Boss Time
In this video we go through the final part of the final castle and fight the final boss.   Artwork by Cavalierstylez http://cavalierstylez.deviantart.com/
Episode 261
The Bellas stink up an already dull Raw, CM Punk lawyers up for his royalty money and Chikara gears up for KIN OG TRIOS!  
Top 10 Next Best Kamen Rider Theme Songs
Ask and you shall receive. Fans demanded another 10 Kamen Rider theme songs list and EZ Rider is doing just that. Toku Time: Top 10 Next Best Kamen Rider Theme... by tokutime  
RVT Game Crew #16: Castle in the Sky Keeps Turning
In this video, we explore the first half of the final castle and meet up with an old friend. Artwork by Cavalierstylez http://cavalierstylez.deviantart.com/
AniMat’s Classic Reviews: The Legend of the Titanic
AniMat’s Classic Reviews: The Legend of the Titanic / If you think it was stupid for that one animated Titanic film to have a rapping dog and Mexican mice, wait ‘til you see what THIS animated Titanic movie has to offer!

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